USA Visitors

USA and Canadian FlagsVisitors from the United States will want to be aware of the guidelines for crossing the international border. Be sure to carry proof of your US citizenship and some photo ID, preferably a passport as you will be asked to provide these to customs officials when entering into Canada. There are regulations concerning what you may and may not bring into the country and what you may do while here.
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Border Crossing Points
The closest border crossing points are Porthill – Rykerts crossing in northern Idaho, which is open from 7am until 11pm, and the Metaline Falls – Nelway crossing in eastern Washington, open from 8am until midnight. Check out our local route map and driving from Spokane instructions for highway routes. For information on other entry points please consult this Border Crossings page.

Dollar Exchange
Dollar exchange rates fluctuate daily, and you can see what a US dollar currently will get you in Canadian funds here.