Kayaking & Canoeing

Kayaking and canoeing offer an opportunity for a unique and timeless experience. Kootenay Lake offers many destinations from one hour to several days. Four and five day kayak trips can be planned and plotted out using maps of the area or you can take several day trips, staying in any one of the variety of accommodations available. The area is full of wonderful sights, historical treasures and great places to explore. The water is so clear and all the destination spots are garbage free. A great place to come and de-stress. Imagine … you’re sitting comfortably in your kayak and all set to push off. You hear the rush of sand under you then silence. With a soft rocking motion of the kayak you drift away from the shore and leave the stress of day-to-day life behind. Ahh, peace and relaxation at last.

Lone kayaker near Crawford Creek Regional Park

Paddling close to shore you can see the lake bottom; Kootenay Lake’s clear water enables you to see into the far depths. Fish swim around under you and you might see an osprey or an eagle flying above you. You paddle into the breeze and thoroughly enjoy the cleansing sensation nature gives you. You decide to paddle out into the deeper water and way off in the distance you can make out the ferry, the sky is clear blue and the mountains still have a bit of snow on them. Fresh clean air, no phone, computer, TV, news flashes, or demands of everyday life.

The ripples of the water are coming straight at you giving you the sensation that you’re moving very fast, steadily, and with grace. It is time to go back, but the water is like glass, so beautiful, and quiet. You paddle steadily and feel your muscles getting a work out. The waves are getting bigger but you are finding that the kayak bobs up and down like it is playing a game with the waves. The wind is in your face, blood pumping through you, and ahead the majestic view of mountains coming to a point on the horizon. The colors of the blue water match with the dark blue of the mountains and blue grey of the sky.

You see the beach only few hundred meters away as you fight the wind, loving the up and down motion of the waves. Then unexpectedly you catch a wave and is pushes you gently up onto the beach and leaves you high and dry. Just as though you were meant to catch that wave. You hear a rushing sound above the sound of the waves on the beach and you realize you’ve just made it.

All gear put away, the warm sun on your face, and feeling as though your heart body and soul just had a holiday. You feel refreshed, positive, happy, and leave feeling better than you’ve ever felt in a long time.

Lake Access for Kayaks & Canoes (*may have to pay a small Fee)

  • Kuskanook Boat Ramp
  • Twin Bays Beach
  • Boswell Boat Ramp
  • Lewis Bay Beach
  • Bayshore Resort*
  • Mountain Shores Resort*
  • Lakeview Store*
  • Gray Creek Store*
  • Old Crawford Bay Boat Ramp
  • Crawford Bay Beach
  • Kootenay Bay Boat Ramp
  • Riondel Beach
  • Garland Bay

Some of these locations require carrying your canoe or kayak across a beach, so are not suitable for larger boats.