Gray Creek

Welcome to Gray Creek

This is where to find the Gray Creek Pass to Kimberley.
Ten km south of Crawford Bay is Gray Creek, which was first settled in 1906.If you like history, stop at Kootenay Lake’s oldest general store – Gray Creek Store on Chainsaw Avenue. A prominent service center for the East Shore and still under the same family ownership, proprietor Tom Lymbery’s father started the business in 1913. It has a great collection of BC history books, large hardware selection, and also features wood stoves. Between 1931 and 1947 The Gray Creek Store was also the location of the ferry terminal.

Gray Creek Beach and Sailboat

Gray Creek Beach and Sailboat

In the late 1920’s the Hwy 3A builders established a campsite at a point known as The Lakeview, which is now the site of the Gray Creek Post Office, community grocery store, liquor agency, gas bar, camping and is the boat stage for Tipi Camp. You can also see the old wooden electricity water wheel at McFarland Creek close by.

The community of Gray Creek, at the mouth of Crawford Bay, stretches for approximately 6 km and its features include a campground as well as the Gray Creek Hall, a log building built in 1911 on the lake, is still used by the community.  Gray Creek History days take place in mid-July.